Athletes Criticize Michigan Image Rights Proposal

Union representatives for professional athletes are against a proposal that would change how the rights to their likenesses are protected in Michigan law.

Morris Peterson of the NBA’s Oklahoma City franchise joined current and former athletes from several sports Wednesday to tell a state House committee they oppose the current version of “right of publicity” legislation.

“The hearing went well today, I was able to address the issue at hand and let them know why I feel that 5964 should not be passed” said Mr Peterson.

They say the measure would make it too easy for video game and souvenir manufacturers to use their likenesses without athletes’ permission.

The bill’s supporters say it is aimed at protecting attributes of a personality that have commercial value. The athletes said the current proposal has too many exemptions.

The House Judiciary Committee did not vote on the bill.

The legislation is House Bill 5964.

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said on Oct 28th, 2012

I agree with Richard. Such an approach is tyacipl, understandable and simple. I would watch out for building a new system that is too intricate and in itself too costly ( in time, energy, etc. ) to maintain and to evaluate on a regular basis.In addition, it would seem that weight of solid-waste should be factored into the alternatives for affordable per-can rates. Construction debris, for example, is quite a bit different from your normal household waste and it’s hard to measure by volume (per-can). Many transfer stations simply weigh the stuff to determine cost. Again, a simple, understandable approach.

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