MoPete Presents – Less Pete

Hey everyone, here is the world premiere of my FIRST EVER viral video.  The concept of this video was: what would happen if I had a clone, but he wasn’t fully complete yet? Take a look and let me know what you think! Mo’ Less Pete and more MoPeteTV on the way!


Brian Bowden

said on Mar 15th, 2010

CP3 got ya on this one bruh, hilarious. Both of ya’ll keep doing your thang, can’t wait to see more.


said on Mar 15th, 2010

These videos are classic! I Love both!!


said on Mar 15th, 2010

yeah, but which one you like more??? ima go with mo on this one,, jus for that weird head pat. hilaroius…..

Darius Bashar

said on Mar 15th, 2010

Sorry Mo, I got to go with Chris’ video on this one. That no look catch was wicked.


said on Mar 15th, 2010

Both video are funny!! I gotta give it to CP3 on this one. Classic! ROTF!


said on Mar 15th, 2010

Man……..gotta give it to chris lol

Jake Chavez

said on Mar 15th, 2010

I hope you guys keep these vids up! There hilarious!


said on Mar 15th, 2010

I think MoPete’s is better. Rubbing the dude’s head was funny hahahaha.


said on Mar 15th, 2010


Hawnets Yall

said on Mar 15th, 2010

MoPete = Win

Mo Dee

said on Mar 15th, 2010

I like CP3′s better. Chris is actually a pretty good actor.

Mo, you need to hook up with someone back in Toronto and have them write some stuff for you, Canadians are famous for comedy.


said on Mar 15th, 2010

Nice new site Mo but I gotta go with CP3 on this one.


said on Mar 15th, 2010

LOVE the vids! Yeah, maybe hook up with CB4…he’s classic!
We still miss you MoPete!!! :)


said on Mar 15th, 2010

Wish you weres back in the T Dot. Lovin the vids.

Joe Gerrity

said on Mar 16th, 2010

Both are hilarious, but I think on this one Mo-P takes it down.

“Look Mo, I really think you should consider, ya know…not killing him, but starting over”


said on Mar 16th, 2010

Sorry, yours was nice but CP3′s was funny.

Aaron Lewis

said on Mar 16th, 2010

mmmm honey, my favourite.
both were cool


said on Mar 16th, 2010

hahaha mo petes was by far better- are you serious??

i need something to wash this down with


said on Mar 16th, 2010

LMBO!! Both vids were very creative and straight hailarious, but I gotta give the prize to my fave #24. Keep them coming I totally love this.


said on Mar 16th, 2010

CP3 all the way. Hilarious stuff. Keep them coming. We wanna see more.


said on Mar 16th, 2010

Haha I liked both of them! Mo Pete’s was weird/funny cause of the head pat and the faces of less pete, but CP3 was hilarious!


said on Mar 16th, 2010

I gotta say that chris was better…a lil teensy weeny better lol. But guys should definitely make more vids. I think ya’ll could star in scary movie 5…that’s how funny ya’ll were.


said on Mar 17th, 2010

Mo, your video needs a lot more work. CP3 got you beat. His video did make me laugh.


said on Mar 18th, 2010

both were funny.but cp’s was funnier.good job though mo


said on Mar 19th, 2010

ima go with the mo pete( mo biscuits) one. they were both funny tho

Mackdhami (T-Dot)

said on Mar 22nd, 2010

oneandonlyCP3 got this one… but i like where this is going… post more!!
ps: employment opportunity: “Raps looking for Guard to replace one Hedo Turkaglu…”


said on Mar 29th, 2010

Pete CP got you on this one they both pretty funny though


said on Apr 20th, 2010

I liked both videos, but I gotta give it up to my fellow Flintstone MO PETE. SORRY CP:-( better luck next time


said on Apr 27th, 2010

omg!…hahahaha…could hardly even take yall!!…i luv this!


said on Apr 28th, 2010

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said on May 01st, 2010

CP3… Sorry Mo Pete… Less Pete was really LESS !!!

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Joel in OKC

said on Jul 16th, 2010

CP3′s was better but yours was pretty funny too…Your clone did a great job of looking all wacked out and creepy.

Welcome to OKC Mo Pete!!

Curtis G

said on Jul 17th, 2010

Man! It’s a pretty close call between you and Chris but since you grew up with my wife, I’ll go ahead and give you the nod! Both of ya’ll hella funny though! For real, ya’ll need to get on a serious comedy tour and make this thang recurring! I don’t know if ya’ll down with Dime magazine but if you send them this, they will definitely post it!


said on Oct 28th, 2012

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